# How to join training?

The purpose of the team training camp is to organize everyone to train together. You can practice passing, shooting, group cooperation, tactical training, and improve your game ability. Everyone respects each other, works as a team, and goes out of their way to train and play.

# Participate in training requirements

  • Reasonable selection of AG/TF studs for sneakers according to the venue
  • Choose whether to bring water or not according to the venue, and prepare a small amount of food
  • It is best to be at least 16 years old and have the ability to protect your own safety
  • Fees vary according to the course AA
  • No dinner, pure mutual assistance

# Training content arrangement

The organizer should determine the training venue, training time and training content in advance.

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 25 minutes technical training
  • 15 minute confrontation training
  • 60 minute game

# Time and Location

# Shenzhen Xili Training Camp

  • Xili onetwo Songpingshan Football Stadium (Roof 1, Baisha Logistics Park) onetwo Football Stadium (Songpingshan Branch)
  • Choose TF football boots
  • Training once a week, Saturday 08:30-10:30 PM
  • An 8-a-side or 5-a-side match every other week
  • Non-profit, membership fee of 200 yuan / year, used for training equipment purchase
  • Venue fee and coach fee AA
  • An additional 20 yuan service fee will be charged for non-member training, and the first time is free
  • Sign up for Wechat Group Solitaire: Consult awong1900 (Captain Wang Wechat)

# Shenzhen Leli Training Camp (Suspension)

  • Xili Leli Rooftop Football Stadium (Rooftop of Building C, Jingu Pioneer Park, near Longjing Subway Station) Leli Rooftop Football Stadium (Longjing Store)
  • Choose TF football boots
  • Training once a week, Monday 08:30-10:30 PM
  • Sign up for WeChat group Solitaire: Consult 13058140619 (Team Yang, same number on WeChat)
  • 45 Yuan/person, one bottle of mineral water per person
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